Building Monitoring The Smart Way

Your Low-cost, transparent & sustainable asset monitoring system.

Asset Monitoring

Remote Monitoring And Reduced Risks

Get real-time data from your assets and prevent emergencies with intelligent asset monitoring systems. See some of our products below.

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Meter Count
  • Flood
  • Vibration
  • Motion
  • On/Off


The RF Wireless Temperature Sensor uses a type NTC thermistor to measure temperature on a continual basis.

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Uses a photoresistor to detect the presence of light around the device.


Allows you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure with high accuracy.

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Meter Count

Integrated with a system (water meter, power meter, etc.) that provides the number of actuations within a given frame.


Alerts you of potential property damage that could result from flooding or leaks. Also detects a lack of water.

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Accumulates vibration activity and gives the user an idea of how much activity has occurred.


Uses an infrared sensor to accurately detect movements made by people or animals within a 5 metre range.


Detects contact between two wired contact points, an external mechanical switch, or a contact plate.


The M2M Gateway allows your sensors to communicate wirelessly to your cloud based Monitoring and Notification System via mobile telephone networks.

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what is EA Plus?

The intelligent and sustainable asset monitoring solution for buildings and assets.

EA Plus utilises WEB ID, a low-cost, cloud-based intelligent asset monitoring system for buildings and assets. It uses smart sensors that are attached to your key assets, allowing you to have full visibility and control over building management.

Why Choose EA Plus?

Low Cost, Simple & Transparent

EA Plus allows you to monitor your systems in real time and the systems speak directly to the people in charge of maintaining them, saving you time and resources while helping you improve your overall emergency response time.